Source: / Cuba Cantina Facebook Page / Board Facebook Page

Source: / Cuba Cantina Facebook Page / Board Facebook Page

Now when we say high street, we mean it in the broader sense going from the Odeon to Picturehouse and everything in between.

Bar the obvious big development taking place in the Guildhall, which we’re all very excited about, there are plenty of other new names popping up all over the place, which are solid proof that Exeter continues to prosper. Our personal favourite new additions are more on the ‘hidden gem’ side of things, so we hope you take the time to step away from Deliveroo and have a stroll outside to experience some of Exeter’s exciting new offerings:

The Glorious Art House

Tucked down the less trodden part of Exeter, The Glorious Art House takes residence at 120 Fore Street. That said, it’s hard to miss with it’s fairly psychedelic exterior. Though new to the scene, they joined Naomi J Ryan as finalists in the prestigious Exeter Living Awards, as Best Café/Coffee Shop. We’ll let you pop in and explore for yourselves why they so thoroughly deserved this accolade.

Cuba Cantina

Riding on the wave of Exeter embracing Latin cuisine, Cuba Cantina opened its doors at 15 Gandy Street in March. And boy, have they nailed it. The second you walk in, the music and smells transport you to a culture an ocean away. The service is superb and although the food is mostly Mexican style, those seeking a Latin American foodie experience, will not be disappointed.


We’re cheating a little bit here, as Board has already opened, closed and opened again! We’re going from their grand reopening, which took place on 26 March, after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign gave them adequate funds to refurbish and reopen at their new digs at 79 South Street. When you enter, expect excellent service, plenty of squealing at rediscovering childhood games you haven’t seen in years, scrummy food and drink to keep you going…and ultimately ending up spending many more hours there than you originally intended to.

Some more we’ve spotted but not had the chance to pop into personally yet are Caramello Gelato – neighbours to Board at 70 South Street – and Pizza Stein, the Waterfronts hottest new competition down on the Quay.



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