How to keep your home warm this winter

With winter nearly upon us, now is the ideal time to check your property to help stop the predicted harsh weather from taking its toll on your home, heating and maintenance bills.

Please take a look at our checklist which will help you make your house winter-proof, from top to bottom:


Inspect the roof and replace any cracked tiles,
Insulate the loft access hatch – and increase loft insulation.

Gutters and drains:

Clear gutters and drains of leaves and debris. Take particular care that the gulleys are clear. Overflowing gutters can drench walls, cause damage and may contribute to making walls damp and cold.


A lot of heat loss in the home can be through the walls. Properly installed cavity or solid insulation can be a good option and reduce your energy bills but obtain expert advice first.

Doors and windows:

Fit draught excluders to your letterbox and outside doors, and consider draught-stripping windows. Get heavier/thermally insulated curtains and make sure they are properly lined.

Check perimeters of all windows to make sure water flows away from glass and doesn’t collect on the sill, or drain behind it.


If there are stripped floors in place consider putting down rugs in the winter to reduce draughts up between the boards, Put down floor coverings or rugs to block air coming in through the floor. They also help to keep everyone’s feet warm!


Have wood and coal burning flues swept. When not using your fireplace pop a chimney balloon in your flu. It inflates to stop nasty draughts.


Have your boiler serviced and install programmable thermostats on your radiators.

While many of these simple tasks can be undertaken safely in the home it is important that people seek the advice of reputable professionals when looking to complete larger jobs.

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